Dark wood

Some pieces of furniture are meant to stay just the way they were made.  Even though I love to paint them, there are a few pieces I own that I may never paint.  I say may, because you never know.  But I love these as they are, dark wood and all. 

Like this piece, it had been hiding away amidst other stuff in my in-laws loft for years and when my husband and I got married they offered it to us.  I'm not sure how old it is, but I'd guess it's over 80 years at least.  I know that if I painted it, I would regret it in the years to come.
This is another piece I love.  I got it off Craigslist for my daughters room before she was born.  It's in near perfect condition, all original hardware, solid mahogany and only $100!
I could never bring myself to paint this one.
And then there's this one, which resides in our dining room.
I searched for a long time for a sweet China cabinet and I finally found one in an antique store in small town Georgia.
So if you have a nice piece, that is 100% solid, dark wood and hardly a dent in it, I urge you not to paint.  I believe only old, dingy pieces require new life.  But these I have are meant to last a lifetime as they are.
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  1. I love to paint furniture too, but those pieces are gorgeous, I wouldn't never paint them. They're too beautiful the way they are.
    That wardrobe was a steal at $100! It's such statement piece!

  2. Well, visit my blog and you will see my dilema over some silly chairs, I can imagine it would take some nerve to paint these beauties!

  3. Your wardrobe is so beautiful! I just love it! Can't believe anyone would part with it for $100!

  4. I completely agree with you! Those are all really great pieces and paint would take away from their character. Some things are timeless, and antique dark furniture is one of those things. Bravo to you!


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