The floors are in

There are a few more touch ups to be made, but for the most part the floors have moved in and are beautiful.   I never realized how much a kitchen floor could make me happy until now.

I haven't arranged everything the way I want it yet, but it's coming along.  I took a few snap shots to to hold you over.  I hope you all are as excited as I am!

The shoes have already accumulated by the door.  

Here is a before of that same area.

 I will do a proper photo shoot when I finish the decorating process.
So be prepared for one loooong post with lots of pictures, coming soon to a theater near you.


  1. the transformations of your house are amazing!!! I love your kitchen!

  2. Oh my! You lucky, lucky girl. It's looking amazing. Can't wait to see more. I'm loving it already.

  3. it looks SO fabulous! so proud of you for working so hard towards that goal. it has certainly paid off!

  4. Your floors look really beautiful Kathleen! We do the same, or try to most of the time, leave our shoes piled at the door. So funny...the first night our bamboo floors were laid I dropped a hammer and put a dent in them. My husband looked at me and said, "Oh adds character"! I love your table and chairs.

  5. Your floors look amazing! I've had new kitchen floors on my want list for a while... now I'm thinking about them again! ;-) It's amazing how one thing can transform a room.


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