New Look for Pillows

When we first bought this house 5 years ago, the furniture we purchased for the living room was not a well thought out plan.  In our living room there is judges paneling throughout.  My husband loves it, I feel lukewarm about it. 

This is the only room in the whole house that my hubs actually voices his opinion on.  So if he feels that strongly about judges paneling I will let him have it.

Long story short,  we had a difficult time trying to find furniture to go with it. 

The couches we decided on are very soft and comfy, but I never did like the color of the pillows.  And now after all these years, I finally got the urge to go ahead and recover them.

Here is the couch before~ a little too dark and bold for my taste. 

Since I'm not allowed to paint in here, I wanted to try and soften/brighten up the room a bit using some different fabric for the pillows.

This makes a huge difference in the room now. 

All I did was sew a simple envelope pattern pillow case and slid the old pillow inside.  I would make a tutorial for you but no one can say it better than The Crafty Gemini, here is her tutorial.
She explains each step and walks you through exactly how to sew it. 

Hope you all have a great day, starting to feel like fall here :)

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  1. I just did this in my living room and used the same tutorial! Looks GREAT! :) LOVE the grey!

  2. It looks like a complete different couch! Love the new lighter colors. I do remember you from Haven! I'm a new follower!

  3. Very pretty! I love how the lighter fabric brightens up the room!

  4. amazing how much it lightens up the space! great job!

  5. Love the couch! The pillows look great.

  6. Hi Kathleen! The pillows are super cute! Our house has the exact same judges paneling in the den. My husband loved it and I thought it was too dark. Masculine, I guess. We painted it a cream color and it really brightened up the room a ton. Your yellow dresser lives in there now :)

  7. Hi Kathleen. Isn't it funny how men hold on to wood. My husband loves, loves, loves the dark oak trim in our home - I hate it, want to paint it, but he won't let me. I I have to give in to him sometimes, so he wins on this one. lol

    The pillows are terrific - the perfect lightness to counter balance the dark wood.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog project.

  8. Yup, add my husband to the long list of paint-phobic men. I love what you did with the pillows, they do brighten it up. Great job!

  9. love the new covers/colors ! the blanket looks so cozy!!

  10. Great fabrics and the grey throw is really pretty. I love painting cheap or outdated wood, but I can understand why he doesn't want to paint the judges panelling. It looks pretty in your photos. I am stopping by from Jennifer Rizzo's party.


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