Very old dresser

This dresser has quiet a history.

My understanding is that it was the first dresser for my husbands uncle when he was a boy.

Little boy clothes, and underwear once sat nestled in the cute little drawers.

Fast forward many years later, it was now in the bedroom of another little boy.  My brother in law.  This is where I believe the wear and tear really happened. :)

More years passed and it was now the one and only dresser in my husband's college apartment.

Then when I got married it traveled with us to our big house in the burbs.  Originally I wanted to get rid of it.

The bottom two drawers were slightly broken, so in went the baskets.

 I don't have a before, before picture.  But here it is after one of my very first paint job's ever.  Before the blog and when I thought a thick coat of glossy white would do the trick.

I stripped off the white on the drawers, sanded and stained them.  I painted the frame a warm green color.
I left some of the white paint on purpose.  I liked the look of it flaking off the edges.

Hard ware from Hardware Hut .  I will be filling them in with specified labels for each drawer.


  1. Wow, that doesn't even look like the same piece! Love the card catalog look! Beautifully done!

  2. it looks AMAZING! not at all like the same piece, like sharon said. i love the two toned, the pulls, and the overall rustic warmth.

  3. Absolutely love how rustic this looks now! Beautiful! :)

  4. Love it! So pretty in green. I've been feeling like painting something green myself!

  5. You've given this piece a very nice feel with the perfect amount of distressing and color. Love it. Thanks for visiting my blog in the past week or two. For some reason, your comments were flagged as spam? Not sure why but I fixed that. Have a great day!

  6. I love what you have done with this piece! It looks great and the hardware is perfect.

  7. Love it! I'm so going to "try" this out. I might not have room for something like this......but my son just bought a house (fixer upper)and maybe just maybe he'll ask me for some help! I mean it doesn't have to look like a total man cave, right???

  8. It looks so great! I love pieces like that with some serious history. Isn't it funny how our taste changes? The clean white was in a while ago and now it's all about rustic and authentic. Love the hardware.

  9. gorgeous piece! absolutely love the pulls.

  10. What an amazing transformation! love this dresser!!


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