Dining Room

We moved into our house September 07. When we first walked into the house I felt like I had stepped back in time.  The previous owners had done little to bring it into the 20th century, it was still very much stuck in 1981.  The kitchen had cherry wallpaper, the foyer was orange sherbet and the dark brown poo poo colored carpet was so filthy my husband and I swore we'd never walk barefoot on it.
I will be posting several rooms we have re-decorated over the past 3 years, but first let's start with the dining room.  
 First of all, the wallpaper was put up directly on the drywall.  Which means it was 10 thousand times harder to take down.  When we were pulling it off it was taking most of the drywall with it, leaving big tears and holes in the wall.  We tried every type of wallpaper remover, but with no avail.  We finally heard about using boiling hot water sprayed on the all with a garden sprayer.  Let it sit a few minutes and voila, it peeled off quite nicely after that.
The room also came equip a lovely brass, chandelier and light pink carpet.  Which was not our taste by any means. So we took down the chandy and pulled up the carpet.  Putting in their place a simple, classic light on sale from Home Depot, and bamboo flooring from Ikea.  Also painting the walls "Delta Sandbar" From Valspar.

 I was very happy with the way it turned out.  We took our time and found most of our furnishings on sale.  That is the key when decorating a home.  If you do everything quickly, you may end up buying something you don't really like just to fill the space.  So shop around and find some good deals, they are out there if you're patient enough.


  1. Wow!! What a transformation!! It looks wonderful~

    Thanks for sharing on Fresh Coat Friday!!

  2. Thank you Holly! So nice to hear from you. I will be sending more your way...

  3. What a huge change! Great job!

  4. Are you SURE that is the same room? What a fabulous change! I bet that old house is thanking you BIG TIME! Paint color is just perfect ... jules

  5. Oh my gosh, look at those floors, the crown, how beautiful!


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