Christmas Joy

As I sit here listening to the rain drizzle outside my window and smelling that sweet pine that has permeated our home, I couldn't be happier.

House 025

Over the weekend, we picked up a tree and decorated it with love.  Even though the right side has one too many ornaments on it where my three year old decided to station herself, it's perfect in our eyes.

House 027-001

I truly love the spirit of Christmas.  I love what it stands for and enjoy every minute choosing gifts for my family.  Usually we make our gifts every year.  I have a very crafty family.

House 026

But this year they will be purchased.  I spent a lot of time on Etsy this year. 

House 028

I hope you all are not getting too stressed about your Christmas shopping. Give a gift because you want to, not because you feel you have to. That's my motto :)


  1. Beautiful:) ~Serena

  2. so sweet and i agree. i made lots of gifts this year and also spent time at craft fairs and on etsy. i just ordered my dogs matching plaid collars last night. they are going to look so studly.

  3. We have a tree like yours i think! I never move the decorations once the kids have placed them. We get such a kick out of looking at the photographs the next year and remembering why it was decorated that way! Thank you for stopping by to visit my shredded chair. Now following because you have a lot of inspiration for a fellow furniture painter!

  4. Such a pretty tree! Our tree is like a time table of our children's life. As much as I enjoy the themed trees.. the beauty of having something that represents family is what matters most.


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