Mt. Get Away

Wonderful, relaxing, quiet, alone.  Just some of the words I can use to describe my past weekend.  We got away.  Left the kids. Did whatever we wanted to do.  It. was. awesome.

 Pristine mountain lake.

 Spent a little time hanging out right here.

 One of my favorite places in the whole world, waterfall swimming hole.

Picture me, out here on my float doing absolutely nothing. 

 Monday morning,


 back to reality.


  1. hahaha funny! looks like a wonderful spot though. :)

  2. Its nice to get a way from the kids once in a while and its also good for you!

  3. Okay chica, spill it! where is this little piece of paradise? I'm a Georgia girl too so if it's even remotely local I'm there!

  4. so glad you guys had a nice time! gorgeous place to spend the weekend.

  5. ha ha! that last picture cracks me up- looks like an amazing time was had! back to life, back to reality....

  6. "monday morning" picture was awesome. I totally laughed out loud!

  7. Funny! Looks great, hope you guys had a relaxing weekend:) ~Serena


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