Spray Painted Wicker

 A while back I bought this cute little wicker seat for $40.  

 And not until just recently have I decided on a color to spray paint it.
Being almost 7 months pregnant, spray paint is the way to go.
With proper breathing protection of course.
Here it is after a couple coats of brown

 First, I used a wire brush to chip off some of the peeling white paint, then I primed it with a spray paint primer.  After it was dry, I used a brown Rustoleum paint, two coats.

It's a lovely spot to sit and relax.
Keep your eye out for these old wicker pieces, they are very easily fixed with a little paint.

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  1. it looks so fabulous! the color is awesome and the pillows make it pop!

  2. Wow, I never would have known it wasn't the original non-painted wicker. Looks so cozy!

  3. I need one of these to complete my porch area!! (so jealous). I love the green side chairs and pillows to match. I bet this looks beautiful in real life!!

  4. Seven months! It seems like just a few weeks ago when you broke the good news :) The wicker bench looks great. Look great with your green chairs. It looks like a nice place to sip a glass of lemonade.

  5. So many things seem to be painted white, so to see something originally white, and having a colour direction change is great. This is a lovely transformation. I much prefer the 'after'. Well done!!

  6. yowzers! I can't believe the difference!

  7. Amazing work! It looks so natural and works so well with your home. Great job and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum to complete your project.

  8. gorgeous. Looks brand new. Love the color combo also.
    I redid a wicker set too and used rust-oleum espresso. It really made a difference.

  9. Really pretty with your pillows! I have some wicker on the back patio that needs some sprucing up. I've actaully never thought about painting it until now. How are you feeling, Kathleen? I can't believe you're already 7 months! Are you all ready for the new little one?

  10. I love that! it looks much better brown than it did white. the pillows are also perfect :)


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